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Facing one of San Andres’ most coveted beaches, the flooded seabed allows happy swimmers to almost walk on water. Walking over this bridge, prepare to get wet up to your waist and lose yourself under an infinite sky while fish dart about underwater. Just in front is Rocky Cay, one of those whimsies that nature has created for the weariest travelers to use to rest spirit and body.
Rocky Cay isn’t a coral sand beach, like many of its siblings in the island. As its name indicates, Rocky Cay is constructed by rock formations.
Just a few minutes from the central zone of San Andres, located on the east of the island sharing the dominion of the precious Cocoplum Bay, Rocky Cay forms a platform of uninhabitable rock, molded by natural forces for the past thousands of years. Now it’s crowned by several palm trees that incline in a respectful welcome with the delicious Caribbean breeze.

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If you choose to head to Rocky Cay on your own or with others, you’ll never really be alone, as the hundreds of vividly colored fish you find on the 500 meter trip to the island will keep you company. You’ll find it near impossible to resist the temptation to put on your snorkel gear and submerge yourself to observe the dance of colors.

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The Nicodemus completes the idyllic picture of Rocky Cay. A few meters from the cay this cargo ship was split in half. The attempts of two other vessels to get it out were insufficient. Defeated by rust and the passage of time, this boat remains silent like a strange rickety image that floats in a seat of incomparable richness.

What was, decades ago, a freight ship has now become a haven for hundreds of marine creatures as well as a great opportunity for divers to get close to countless marine species. It’s possible that with a little luck in the afternoons, visitors might get a look at manta rays.


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